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CalAA presents
A skit on Bhaskaracharya and Leelawati
during a celebratory show about the life and times of
this mathematical genius from 900 years ago.




This show is organized by Oversees Volunteer for a Better India (OVBI). It is an introduction to Bhaskara II's work and life to commemorate his 900th birth anniversary. It is a glimpse into Indian Math and Heritage. CalAA is honored to have received an invitation to perform in this celebration.


CalAA Volunteer Amruta Hardikar has  researched Marathi as spoken 900 years ago to bring historic authenticity to the play. Projections on a cyclorama backdrop will depict the settings of the bygone era. English super-titles will enable everyone in the audience to enjoy the play.

About the program
When Sunday, January 31st, 2015 at 4 PM
Where McAfee Center for Performing Arts, Saratoga High School
Tickets http://tinyurl.com/Bhaskara2
More Information Facebook Events Page
Written by CalAA Volunteer Amruta Hardikar
Directed by CalAA Volunteer Hemangi Wadekar
Produced by CalAA Volunteer Manoj Wadekar
Production Team Sanika Sahasrabuddhe, Sanmati Nakil
CalAAkaar Shreeya Sahasrabuddhe, Anushka Parandekar, Abhiraam Wadekar, Hemangi Wadekar, Jayaprakash Chipalkatti





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