Name of the film
Satish Alekar, The Playwright
Concept, Script, Cinematography and Direction
Atul Pethe
Rahul Pungaliya
Subject Expert
Rekha Inamdar Sane
Narendra Bhide
Sameer Shipurkar
Financial Assistance
Hemant Joshi and
California Arts Association (CalAA)
Atul Pethe Productions, Pune
About Satish Alekar

Satish Alekar is an eminent playwright and director, credited with molding a new paradigm in Indian theater. His most
notable plays are - “Micky ani Memsaab” (Micky and Memsahib), “Mahanirvan” (The Dread Departure), “Mahapoor”
(The Deluge), “Begum Barve”, “Shanivar- Ravivar” (Saturday- Sunday), “Doosara Samna” (The Second Encounter),
“Atireki” (The Terrorist) and “Pidhijat” (Dynasts). His expression, humor and experimentation on stage have been
widely appreciated.

About the Documentary

The documentary “Satish Alekar, The Playwright” not only unfolds Alekar’s journey as a playwright, but also
chronicles the changing backdrop of post-independence India , the city of Pune and the Marathi Theater.  Here an
attempt is made to explore the social, political and cultural linkages of his plays.  While examining the space,
language and the experimental nature of his plays, its association with various forms traditional to Marathi Theater is
also reviewed.  The objective is to study the period 1947-2008, and to understand its impact on Alekar’s writing.   
The organic relationship between the surrounding – the space – and a creative artist, is the theme of this film.  It
goes on to show that the expression of a creative artist transcends his own self to become a part of the awareness of
the society at large.   Performing art that it is, theater is often hard to document given lack of archived material.  This
film is a notable attempt to ameliorate the state of documentation of theater in India by showcasing Alekar and his

About Atul Pethe Productions

Atul Pethe Productions is a registered organization engaged in producing plays, films and audio visual products.  Atul
Pethe has been active in the field of theater and documentaries for more than twenty years as an actor, writer,
cinematographer, producer and director.  Some of his notable productions include plays “Soorya Pahilela Manoos”,
“Anandowari” and “Waiting for Godot”, documentaries “Tendulkar and Violence”, “SEZ – Prelude to Anarchy”, “The
Garbage Trap” and “K R Datye – the Pathways of Energy”.

Duration – 90 Minutes
Documentary in Marathi with English subtitles
Available on DVD for Rs. 200/-
Contact – Atul Pethe, A/20, Vinit Society, LIC Colony, Opposite Rahul Nagar, Kothrud, Pune 411029.  
Email –
Mobile - 9422319717
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